Tetra Module Schema

Tetra Module Schema functions similarly to the way a building plan describes a building and the way a logo stands in for a brand. As a schema it is the design for the colours to be used on the construction Tetra Module Maquette. It was co-opted as artwork for exhibition invitations and handouts, which changed it from a preliminary design to a kind of illustration. With the colour scheme available on the handout, I decided to leave the actual maquette unpainted, leaving it to visitors to paint the object in their own mindsn. This meant that each work represented a separate aspect of a third as yet unrealized thing, Tetra Module.

The triangular motif in the module complements the three-colour system of the human eye – the red, green and blue colour receptors, which occur when the primaries yellow, cyan and magenta are overlaid.

EXHIBITIONS: F493D, Factory 49







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Print-on-demand options are in development. Get in touch if you’d like to be notified when available. Otherwise you can purchase the .svg file here and do whatever you like with it. Personal use only, of course.


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