Factory 49, Marrickville 2015
As this 3D group show came up I was playing around with an idea for a possible immersive work, Tetra Module, so I contributed a maquette I had made up. I also had a colour design for it, so I sent that as the image for the gallery handout. This was a bit cheeky, as it wasn’t an immediately representational image, and could have been considered 2-dimensional. But I saw it as another way of representing a 3-dimensional image, on par with the way the maquette represented it. Both together referenced each other, which underscored the conjectural nature of the Module. The design was also used in the exhibition emails, which added a further dimension.

In a way I guess, the idea of the putative work Tetra Module is classic conceptualism, but I think of these works in terms of what I call ‘concurrence‘ – as at once both physical and conceptual.

Factory 49 exhibition page

Gallery handout


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