Five Walls Projects, Footscray 2020

The Waves is a series of paintings carrying straight lines of reflective colour criss-crossing each other. In the space of Gallery 4 at Five Walls, the paintings were connected, the lines of reflective colour continuing from one painting to the next, so that they could also be taken to represent rays of refracted light bouncing around in the space of the gallery.

This show was a twist on my previous exhibition, The Planes, which was installed at Factory 49 in 2013. With that work, the corresponding lines on opposite walls were parallel, which meant that lines of the same colour together described flat planes bisecting the space. In The Waves these cross-sections are no longer flat. Extending into the distance, they could be imagined as part of larger ripples, or waves.

Away from the gallery space, the paintings each have their own composition, the whole carefully designed to allow for the integrity of its parts.

Further details can be found on the artwork info page for The Waves Installation.

1/119 Hopkins St, Footscray Vic

12-5pm Wed-Sat


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Opening: 6-9pm Friday 6 March

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Artist talk: 12pm Saturday 21 March

Cancelled due to Covid19 restrictions

Thanks to Aaron and Misuzu, Fin and Claire for their tremendous support.

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