Factory 49, 2017

I’ve always found it terrifically satisfying, blending colours together to achieve the illusion of three-dimensional form. The works in this show flip that process, using three-dimensional materials to create the ‘illusion’ of tonal gradation, with light itself as the medium.

The series started with a tangent artwork, now called Prophetes. This was originally intended to be painted, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I put it in a group show and that felt okay, so I then set out to produce a bunch of them.

As sometimes happens in the creative life, this was a great highlight in my practice coinciding with a dark time in my life. I may have to take a ticket if I want to borrow Leonard Cohen’s line about the ‘crack in everything’, but in the case of this show, it demonstrated in more ways than one how the light gets in.

Gallery handout

Factory 49

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