Collected in JAHM

26 Feb 2019

Out of the blue I received a very nice invitation from collectors Leah and Charles Justin, to attend their 2019 exhibition, Let There Be Light. At the Abstraction 2018 show at Five Walls, they had bought my Pythia for their Minimalism series, which was to be accessible for the night of the opening. So, with a couple of pick-ups I had to do, and a wedding anniversary to celebrate, we booked a little apartment in South Melbourne and headed off down the Hume.

It was wonderful to meet the Justins and see their amazing house and collection. It was also a great honour to meet and be included with the accomplished artists who also attended.

As well as their exhibitions, JAHM also conduct tours and online sessions. Check out their website for more info.

Photograph courtesy Leah and Charles Justin

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