Chris Packer

Chris Packer

Although subject to the same conditions as sculpture, much of my 3-dimensional work emerges out of painting considerations. The works may be painted dowel constructions or cotton tape suspended in space by various means. They often consist of lines, which retain something of the gestural mark, and sometimes I think of the coloured tapes as ‘3D brushstrokes’.

An important aspect of the tapes is the fact that they are two-sided, which means that as they twist they afford a change of colour or a play of light that is different to the transitions in a flat painting. This adds an element of fluidity.

In most of the 3D works the idea of a contingent composition is key, meaning that the colour relationships and directions change as the viewer changes position, so that the colours in the one work can be seen variously to clash or sing, or progress up or down, to grow or shrink.

With installations like The Planes and The Waves, there is also a connection between painting in space and utilizing space to create more conceptual work.

Painting in space

Gotta Zip

The Waves

Wall Sculpture, Bellevue Hill

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