If you would like to arrange to view the works currently on display in the home showroom, or for any enquiry, simply send me an email at contact[at] Alternatively, you can use the contact form on this page, or send a text message. (You can phone me if you like, but I don’t answer unknown callers, so please leave a message if you do.)

To line up a time, or for any enquiry, simply click here to send a text message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Please include your name and what your enquiry is about, so I know it isn’t spam.  

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Delivery of artworks within the Sydney region is free. Fees for delivery outside Sydney depend on the artwork and your location, so please provide that information if you are making a price enquiry.

Purchases outside Australia

I require a cleared cheque before fulfilling orders from outside Australia. I hope to have some exciting news for followers in the UK and EU, so join my mailing list if you are interested in being advised.  

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