Room 5 Journal of The London ConsortiumRoom 5 is the journal of the London Consortium, a PhD program run across the ICA, Birkbeck, the Tate and the Architectural Association. Working with staff from the ICA, I was responsible for the design, typography and layout of the book, which featured scholarly articles by doctoral candidates.
Inside the book I used an arc motif as a signature device. Also, a few of the articles referred to Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project, so I suggested Arcade as the issue title. The cover image art I took from another of the articles, an analysis of perspective in Dürer woodcuts of drawing machines.
The typeface used is Zurich, a variation of Univers.
This job was a lot of fun. It included fascinating articles on things like the idea of the unwritten work and the scatology of Kurt Schwitters, or an architectural firm’s account of their work reimagining a history museum originally built by a shopping mall construction company. My favourite was the research piece called Taking a Stand, on the history and economics of female urinals. Apparently in ancient Egypt women urinated standing up!

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