Photo courtesy Sue Pilkington x

I am an Australian visual artist. I was born in 1962 and grew up in the outer Sydney suburb of Castle Hill. I’ve lived in a stack of different places – from Bondi to the back of Bucketty – but have now settled down in the Inner West, where I do my best to keep up with the garden. This I’ve filled with native plants, which makes a haven for birds and small creatures and also staves off the urge to go bush. I have my workshop out there, and most days it’s pretty gorgeous.

On that subject, I’m the luckiest man for having found my soulmate: Selina Samuels. She works in the city and we live in peaceful harmony with an aged but loving burmese, Honey, who keeps me company in the studio – when I’m not making too much noise.

My other great love is my beautiful daughter Bella. She and her husband live in London, where she works as a teacher, and we try to get over there as often as we can.

I studied at the National Art School, here in Sydney. I majored in Painting, which shouldn’t be taken as a prejudice against any other discipline – it’s all stuff that does something.

I also work as a graphic designer, and while there are some obvious crossovers in my art, you’ll find more information about that on Linkedin.

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