Factory 49


I have a work in this year’s Annual Group Show at Factory 49, at 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville.

For more info about my contribution, Kick Me, click on the works thumbnail below.

The other artists in the show were:
Chantal Grech
Elizabeth Day
Lisa Pang
Margaret Roberts
David Helmers
Peter De Lorenzo
Kate Mackay
Pam Aitken
Jan Handel
Tanya Alexandra Richards
Michelle Le Dain
Karen Benton
Merryn Hull
Jacky Ferrand
Catherine Gaillard Remontet
Lila Afiouni
Cornelius Timmer
Caroline Phillips
Judy Marsh
Karmyn Gibson
Anya Pesce
Wendy Kelly
Tara Lyubicic
Melinda Clyne
Liz Bodey
Stephen L Wickham


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