The Planes Five Walls

4-21 March 2020, Footscray

Inner West Creative Trail

3-4 August 2019, Lewisham NSW

Home Showroom

Works currently on display

Committee Show

19-29 June 2019, Marrickville

The Other Art Fair, Sydney

March 2019, Eveleigh

Minimalist Collection

Justin Art House Museum, Prahran

Support 18

Five Walls, Melbourne, 2018


Factory 49, 2017

I’m an artist

I look to simple materials for qualities that evoke everyday human experience. One of my constants is cotton tape. It can stretch or flop, twist and turn, support or cover, leave traces, throw shade, reflect on things, draw close, pull away, make random moves, make organized moves, hide its face, reveal itself, roll up in a ball or just hang out.

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